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Palgrave Studies in Risk, Crime and Society.
25 Sex tourism is encouraged by the tourist sector of destination countries, because it draws individuals from wealthier nations with greater amounts of disposable income into poorer nations.
A b c d e Patil, Vrushali (2011).38 Opposition edit One of the primary sources of opposition to sex tourism is with regard to child sex tourism, internationally defined as travel to have sex with a person under 18 years of age.Sex Laws in Thailand, Part.31 Child sex tourism edit Main article: Child sex tourism Some people travel to engage in sex with child prostitutes in a practice called child sex tourism."MensXP, Top 5 Sex Tourism Destinations".

40 Barry states that sex tourism, as well as the growing international porn industry, indicate a normalization of prostitution and an increase in the exploitation of women.
"Sex Work and the Law in Asia and the Pacific" (PDF).
Sex tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry that globally supports a workforce estimated in the millions, 2 that also benefits service industries such echange carrefour combien de temps as the airline, taxi, restaurant and hotel industries.
Vienna: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.Women going on sex tours look for big bamboos and Marlboro men, Bali Beach Gigolos Under Fire.1, reasons for engaging in such activities can include lower costs for sexual services in the destination country, more favorable local attitudes towards prostitution, separation from a person's normal social circle and physical environment, legality of prostitution or indifference of law enforcement, and access.The Prostitution of Sexuality.37 These attitudes make children far more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.Dies ist Beweis genug, dass das Rotlichtviertel einen Besuch wert ist.