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But once the Taliban and al-Qaeda were on the run, the administration paid mere backpage kiev escort lip service to club libertin tarn et garonne building a stable Afghanistan.
One Kandahar citizen says he had hoped the protection racketsso common during the civil war of the early 1990swere things of the past.
Armed forces linked to him have contracts to protect the CIA and to escort isaf fuel convoys.Today Taliban insurgents again hold sway over much of the Kandahar countryside.New schools and roads will follow.In 2009 they killed the city's chief of police in a shoot-out.Soon insurgencies were multiplying, fuelled by drugs, warlords, local resentments, a weak national army and police and a recovering Taliban.But at site pour echanger langue least building a national army is now high on their agenda.George Bush routed the Taliban after September 11th because al-Qaeda had, like a parasitic brood, commandeered the Taliban state in order to organise and train for global jihad.When World Bank workers attempt to take surveys, they have to memorise the questions and answers, since villagers speaking to strange folk with clipboards are at risk from insurgents.Kandahar's shadow shogun is Ahmed Wali Karzai, half-brother to President Hamid Karzai.

The problem of knowing what Afghans think is an obstacle more generally.
But, even so, it is hard to know what they want instead.
The best annual survey of public opinion, by the Asia Foundation, is necessarily self-selecting since surveyors cannot go into dangerous areas.
A week in Afghanistan impresses two things upon the visitor.But, the allied commanders insist, the counter-insurgency in Kandahar will be less a military offensive than a process designed to reassure, impress and safeguard civilians.Even in the city, which is controlled by the government, a spate of Taliban killings this year has targeted local leaders.The second is that few people have much idea what those wishes are.That must surely be true for most Afghans.They downplay the chief oddity of this one, which is that foreign forces are fighting.But even it found last year that the proportion of respondents who feared voting in national elections had risen from 45.Isaf cannot afford to let Kandahar go wrong.He has grown rich on isaf patronage.Distinctions between friend and foe, it seems, are dissolving.Yet Kandahar highlights the limits, even contradictions, of the new approach.For Stanley McChrystal, the general in charge of isaf forces, the real fight is only just beginning.Isaf believes the president's half-brother may profit from the drugs trade, if only indirectly.The only two adults about, village elders, gave every impression of having been laid on for him.The province matters because it is the cultural centre of the Pushtuns, who are Afghanistan's biggest ethnic group.