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The Solo S3 allows you to customize it to your needs with 9-user programmable features.
The performance of the Escort Solo S3 is touted by many users as its greatest benefit.At the end of the day, law enforcement texte echange des voeux ceremonie laique officers are not going to be interested in your excuses.Escort uses the Safety Warning System found in many radar detectors to help identify upcoming road hazards and proverbe rencontre inattendue emergency vehicles such as ambulances.The, solo, s3 is the next generation of, escort 's cordless.The Escort Solo S3 is designed to integrate with the Cincinnati Microwave ZR4 Laser Defense System.Now, if you had a radar detector in your vehicle you might have been able to avoid all of this.Additional features of the Solo S3 include 9 user programmable features that make it easy for you to customize the settings of the device to fit faire rencontres amicales lyon your driving style.

Compared to other Escort models, the Solo S3 has a lesser detection range, which is a bit of a setback given its relatively high price tag.
The, escort, solo, s3, cordless, radar, detector is presently among the most in-demand radar detectors in the market.
Powered by 2 AA batteries, offers long-range radar warning on all bands of radar including the K-band, X-band and the Super wide Ka-band.
Additionally, a handful of consumers have noted that the Solo S3 has a poor window mount and that constant rattling is a major annoyance.On top of that, the DSP9200B uses Cobras free iRadar app that allows it to provide the user with real-time alerts regarding the upcoming speed and red light cameras.Write Your Own Review How do you rate this product?Supplies a unique visual and audible alerts when it detects signals from Safety Warning Signals.The, escort, solo, s3 boasts an enhanced display, long-range radar detection, high-performance laser detection, and a variety of other programmable and additional features.This is because both of the products are very reliable and efficiently detects all the existing radars and lasers within their range.The, escort Solo S3 is the most portable model available and is great for travelers (business or personal) constantly hopping in and out of rental cars.Details The Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector brings you the performance of the Escort Passport line with the convenience that comes with a cordless radar detector!