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Not less than a pair of optical framing cameras.
In the event that the original film negative is developed at a film processing facility arranged for by the observing Party, no site de rencontre pervers later than ten days after the departure of the observation aircraft from the territory of the observed Party.
Flight representatives and interpreters shall have the rights and obligations set forth in Annex G to this Treaty.
A medical emergency of a member of the flight crew of the observed Party or of flight monitors;.
In the event that the observation aircraft is provided by the observed Party, the observing Party shall have the right to have on board the observation aircraft two flight representatives and one interpreter, in addition to one flight representative for each sensor control station.Such working materials may be retained by the State Party taking part in the certification and shall not be subject to any review or examination by the State Party conducting the certification.Navigation, Communications and Landing Aids: (A) each type of navigation equipment installed on the observation aircraft, including its positional accuracy, in metres; and (B) radio communications, approach and landing aid equipment installed on the observation aircraft, in accordance with standard icao practice.The State Party that is developing the original film negative shall be obliged to accept at the film processing facility up to two officials from the other sweet names to call your girlfriend in tagalog State Party to monitor the unsealing of the film cassette or container and each step in the storage.The following technical information shall be provided for optical panoramic and framing cameras: (A) type and model; (B) field of view along and across the flight path, or scan angles, in degrees; (C) frame size, in millimetres by millimetres; (D) exposure times, in seconds; (E).

If the planned route of the observation flight approaches the border of other States Parties or other States, the observed Party may notify that State or those States of the estimated route, date and time of the observation flight.
In the event that this Treaty does not enter into force before the period of provisional application expires, that period may be extended if all the signatory States so decide.
The weather conditions affect flight safety;.
The observing Party shall notify the observed Party of its intention to conduct an observation flight, no less than 72 hours prior to the estimated time of arrival of the observing Party at the point of entry of the observed Party.
Of the standing diplomatic clearance number for Open Skies observation flights, flights of transport aircraft and transit flights; and.Upon the request of the observing Party, further services, as may be agreed upon between the observing and observed Parties, to facilitate the conduct of the observation flight.Each State Party shall be obliged to accept observation flights over its territory in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty.Such proposed modifications shall be considered by the States Parties during this review, according to the rules set forth in the following paragraphs of this Section.The term "observed Party" means the State Party or group of States Parties over whose territory an observation flight is conducted or is intended to be conducted, from the time it has received notification thereof from an observing Party until completion of the procedures relating.The term "representative" means an individual who has been designated by the observing Party and who performs activities on behalf of the observing Party in accordance with Annex G during an observation flight on an observation aircraft designated by a State Party other than the.Each State Party taking part in the certification shall notify the State Party conducting the certification no less than 30 days prior to the date on which the certification of the observation aircraft is to begin, as notified in accordance with paragraph 3 of this.In the event that only one original film negative is developed:.The State Party that designated the aircraft shall:.Each State Party shall have the right to designate as observation aircraft one or more types or models of aircraft registered by the relevant authorities of a State Party.The term "sensor" means equipment of a category specified in Article IV, paragraph 1 that is installed on an observation aircraft for use during the conduct of observation flights.The data collected by the sensors shall be retained by the observing Party only if the observation flight is counted against the"s of both States Parties.If the observation aircraft is provided by the observing Party, the observed Party shall have the right, at the completion of the observation flight, to select either of the two sets of recording media, and the set not selected shall be retained by the observing.The State Party that provides the observation aircraft shall record at least one original set of data collected by sensors using other recording media.

Within the framework of the Open Skies Consultative Commission the States Parties to this Treaty shall:.
Unless otherwise agreed, the ground examination shall not exceed three eight-hour periods for each observation aircraft and its sensors.