is ashley jacobs a high end call girl

It's no surprise to any Southern Charm viewers that Ashley doesn't think much of Kathryn.
Someday they are going to want to know why." "All you are is a gold digger, no one f-king likes you, including your boyfriend Kathryn replies.
Thomas isn't attending because of his sexual assault allegations but his girlfriend will apparently still go without him.
One fan asked: Were you an escort with Ashley?
"Thomas is paying for everything and then you said you would date Shep or I if we were older.".Apparently, Ashley, Thomass current girlfriend, is also a call girl."I have to hear about this all the time.".Interesting to blame an entire gender for nastiness when you're the one bringing up a juicy rumor, my dude.Landon Clements is also speaking out to clear her name.This also supports, luzanne Otte's tea who claimed that Thomas broke up with Trashley to date her but after she dumped him for verbally abusing her, he then took the alleged escort back.Were choosing to cover it now following confirmation that it will be a story-line on the show.Plus, Landon took to her.

So, are these rumors valid?
I got a message on Instagram.
I'm sure she worked hard but I don't think it was at her day job.
Oh, and a golddigger.
"I dont think about you, I dont talk about you."."But theyre like, I think Ashley is an escort.".Today, we examine that rumor and where it originated from, as former castmember.In fact, in the finale episode, different members of the cast enjoyed tossing around a juicy rumor about Ashley.We all saw a sneak peek."Shes so delusional Ashley says of her boyfriend's baby mama while speaking to Jennifer Snowden.And she was doing a shoot yesterday and sharing all the scoop.A screenshot of that is below.It was Naomie Olindo who brought rencontre meximieux it up, teasing that "Theres an awkward rumor" about Thomas Ravenel's girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.In the trailer you can also see Jennifer ask Austen did you just call her a hooker?You know, its not going well in your favor if everyones talking about how youre a hooker, a male friend of one of the cast members could also be heard stating on camera.