Escort Max360 includes Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) setting for escort announce suppressing alerts from traffic "drones" that use K-band radar the libertine club london signal to sample traffic flow.
Intelligent GPS Truelock and Camera Database.
Advanced DSP (digital signal processing) provides long range performance and lightning fast response.Clear voice radar band identification and bright invertible display in rencontres koa jazz signal bar-graph mode and tech mode.Bands - X-band (10.525 GHz K-band (24.150 GHz Ka-band (34.700 GHz Laser (904nm).Includes the Max 360 detector, Coiled Combo SmartCord, StickyCup Mount, and Quick Reference Card.Escort Max 360 has GPS built-in, which offers key features such as GPS Truelock and a pre-loaded camera database.Dimension (WxLxH) -.1.8.5.Escort Max 360, using smartphone or tablet?Escort Max 360 features 2 radar antennae, one forward facing and the other rear-facing to determine where the radar source is coming from.Order Online: Escort Max 360 - Technical Specifications.GPS-Powered with AutoLearn - TrueLock with AutoLearn effectively locks out false alerts emitted from automatic door sensors.

Display Features - Bar Graph, CruiseAlert, ExpertMeter, SpecDisplay, Directional Arrows, with auto brightness control.
Escort Max 360 - Long Range HD Performance with 360 Protection.
Sale Price: 949 (CAD shipping: free via Purolator, canada Post will be used for PO-Box.Disclaimer: is an authorized Canadian retailer, and is not affiliated with Escort Inc.First introduced in a Valentine 1, now Escort Radar finally incorporates the same feature in the Max360 after Valentine Research's patent expires.Multi-colour oled Display - provides beautiful visual indicators with four different colour settings.Max 360 is also the first radar detector from Escort Radar to feature Directional Arrows for 360 degree protection. .Power requirement - 12VDC and negative ground.Sensitivity Settings - Highway, Auto, Auto.

Use "Highway" Mode for driving on an open road for maximum sensitivity.
IVT filter greatly reduces false alarms from radar-based vehicle safety sensors such as blindspot assist and cruise control.
Escort Max 360 is top flag-ship Escort radar detector that offers unmatched 360 degree protection with directional arrows.