The most marginalised sex workers (migrant sex workers, street sex workers, transgender sex workers, male sex workers, sex workers who use drugs, underage sex workers) will benefit most from decriminalisation that gives full access to rights, support and services.
HIV Prevention efforts become much easier.
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A vindication of the rights of whores: The international struggle for prostitutes' rights.Some of the acts that are still being considered today with regards to their criminality include abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, polygamy, prostitution, use of steroids in sports, and even breastfeeding in public.Please spread the word.A clear majority (perhaps up to 90) of the industry choses to remain unlicensed in 2002.The health of women working in the sex industry: Amoral and ethical perspective.Sex workers who work in illegal setting face a range of problems that sex workers face under criminalisation.Share it with your friends/family.Sexual and Marital Therapy, 10, (2 201-213.Unfinished Business, achieving effective regulation of the NSW Sex Industry.Decriminalization would free the courts and police from handling victimless crime, allowing these forces more time to deal with serious violent crime.

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The Journal of Modern History, 78, 459-465.
The political forces, policy pressure and subsequent effects of reform are all described briefly with good references.
Other legislation covers a broad range of issues including sexual and labour exploitation, in both commercial private context.International Committee for Prostitutes" Rights: World Charter for Prostitutes Rights, this document presents rules and regulations that would aid prostitutes and help to legalize their jobs as sex workers.Explains how society has prostituée du var a negative look toward prostitution.This document is part of the San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution Final Report for 1996.In this case, if prostitution were decriminalized, individuals engaged in the business would need to have the governments official approval in order to operate; otherwise, they would get fined if caught doing.More reading, elena Jeffreys on whether the Left should support stricter regulation of the sex industry.Sex workers who in very big settings have very little bargaining power.Kidnapping legislation can be applied to protect those forced or deceptively recruited into sex work.Divides SEX workers into illegal AND legal ways OF work.Prostitution: A critical analysis of 3 policy approaches.Printed in February 2002 it documents the changes since 1995, the aims of the laws then and the work still left to be done.Researchers have recently attempted to separate moral issues from the reality of prostitution.Decriminalisation, in a decriminalised setting sex workers are more empowered to negotiate with clients.Sex work environments need:.Psychological and sociological research and the decriminalization or legalization of prostitution.