Rumors persisted around town that the killer may have site echange amical had a military or police background, but no strong suspects emerged.
The abduction happened while Brittany was waiting for the school bus at the end of her driveway.
Contact the NC SBI.
105 bypass on the west side of Boone.Zachary Smith Reynolds, known as Smith, was the youngest of four children born to Richard Joshua Reynolds and his wife, Katharine Smith Reynolds.The family wishes to thank those many healthcare professionals who aided her in her long struggle, especially.In June of this year, the locally produced podcast The Long Dance brought the 46-year-old murder and investigative efforts to a larger audience, which has led to more tips and witnesses coming forward.The child had been raped and drowned.

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Jennas husband, Tim Nielsen, was at home with the couples two sons at the time of the killing.
Police found it abandoned 3 miles away with a pillowcase of silverware inside that had been taken from the house.
Smith Reynolds dropped out of school as a teenager to pursue his fascination with flying, becoming one of the first licensed pilots in the nation.
The investigation: Brittanys parents were ruled out as suspects.It was widely understood at the time that the child Holman carried could later be the grounds for an ugly fight over the millions that Reynolds would have inherited had he lived.Elevate the Way, you Celebrate, our goal is to make your party as easy and seamless as possible so you and your guests can focus on fun.Her throat had been cut and she had been stabbed in the heart.She will be remembered by the neighborhood "trick-or-treaters" and their parents as the friendly witch whose festive seasonal decorations earned their home the title "The Holiday House".The investigation: The survivors of the brutal attack gave a description to authorities that resulted in a composite sketch of an African American man with a slender build and a military-style haircut.